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Bought a Home But why do I have More Bills?

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When you buy a home please consider these additional expenses:

Real Estate Taxes – No one likes paying taxes but now you are a homeowner, and the government wants a piece of the pie.

Homeowner Insurance – You now own a big expensive home, and you need insurance for all the “surprises”  coming in the near future.

Furniture and other things you need/want – Now with your own bat cave, that sofa, television, table, picture, lamp, etc… would look fantastic in my living, bed, and dinning room.  Be prepared to spend and spend money on stuff.

Utilities – You have electricity, water, gas, telephone, cable, garbage, internet, etc… other bills that you did not have when renting.

Maintenance – Your light breaks. You are the landlord now, be prepare for more expenses.

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