Don’t Put Off Your Purchase.

Mike Rzadzki Chicago Real Estate, Mortgage, New Home Buyer

I am a Residential Mortgage Loan Officer and want you to RELAX when considering your FIRST home purchase. Many buyers – especially first-timers ­– will put off their purchase because they want to save for a larger down payment.

In the meantime, home values are rising and mortgage rates are low.

There are programs available that require little or no money down and while down payment is a consideration, it isn’t the only consideration. Home affordability is NOT about the size of your down payment – it’s about whether you can manage the monthly payments and still have enough cash left over to live.

Contact me, I’ll run your credit and get your FICO score. We’ll look at your income and review your assets and liabilities. Let’s find out what monthly payment fits your budget and which loan program is best for you. I’ll get you a pre-qualified letter so you can shop with confidence! By the way, this is offered to you at NO cost or obligation.


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