Chicago Financial Services

Free Home Ownership Consultation and Mortgage Benefits. No Cost. No Commitments. Everyone Wins.

Our new Employee Mortgage Benefit Program aims to help employees at strong companies like yours. We’re excited to visit your company to provide you and your co-workers with the proper home buying and financing information. There’s no charge and no commitments.

First time homebuyers may find the task daunting, but CFS has all the information and expertise to make this process run smoothly. Our casual yet informative seminars at your office will serve as an introduction to anyone in your company who is interested. Topics will include credit, loan products, appraisals, loan underwriting and more.

We won’t just throw information at you and that’s it. On top of our free consultation we would offer employee discounts on rates and fees to the people at your company. CFS has the expertise and size to give you industry leading turn times and prompt completion of your transactions.

With no cost or commitments required this new program is a win-win.

• Preferred Low Rates
• Free Education Seminars on Site
• Discounts and Promotions like Free Application Process

Talk to your employer about free mortgage consultation at your company.  There is additional information for your employer here.

Even if your company isn’t currently taking advantage of our program, we can help you out on an individual basis. Call us at 312.327.9979. Let’s talk about how we can help each other.