Get Pre-Qualified BEFORE you Search

Mike Rzadzki Mortgage, New Home Buyer

I am a Residential Mortgage Loan Officer and want to help you BEFORE you start shopping for a home or Condo. Over the phone I can review your financial condition and then issue a pre-qualification letter that will satisfy a seller or agent when you make an offer to purchase.

I will run your credit report to give you a clear understanding of your current debt structure and get your FICO score. I can obtain an immediate indication from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, as to the eligibility of your loan. With their endorsements, you can be sure your loan will go straight through to closing.

I will review your various loan options and explain their benefits to you. After this, I will explain any closing costs associated with your loan. You can shop knowing the home you’re looking at fits your budget. Be an educated buyer and shop with confidence!

All of this is offered to you at NO cost or obligation.


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Mike Rzadzki

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