Chicago Financial Services

Reliable On-Time Closings

We are Loan Officers who are serious about accountability.  We do whatever it takes to make sure that everyone at CFS Mortgage who touches a loan file does so with no errors, and does so promptly. We understand and respect that a contract is the product of many hours of work by the real estate agent and the client.  All aspects of the residential lending process occur in house at CFS. This allows for industry leading turn times and a prompt completion of each transaction.

Some lenders are less than competent or do not show the care that our experience teaches us is necessary.

We advance fund your closings so there is a much shorter wait between signing documents and handing over the keys

A long closing can be brutal.  Everyone has places to go.  The buyer may have boxes packed and moving trucks waiting in the wings.  Attorneys are busy and do not have time to waste.  Your time is valuable and so is theirs.

Chicago Financial Services advance funds our purchase transactions to minimize the waiting time at the table.

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