We’re Way Better than Being Around Snakes!

Keelin Billue Gubbels Chicago Real Estate, Mortgage, New Home Buyer

We came across an article in the LA Times with the headline “Many buyers find the mortgage process unpleasant“.

…more people were more comfortable with public speaking, being in high places, flying in an airplane, being around snakes and being in a confined space than they were going through the mortgage process.

The article refers to Guaranteed Rate’s own customer survey.

We are proud to say that our home buyers prefer working with us to being around snakes.

The key is our loan officers here at Chicago Financial Services.  They understand the importance of communication in the mortgage process.  Home buyers know exactly what they need to get the ball rolling and complete the deal.

Also, our loan officers are extremely experienced in the mortgage process.  They know the common issues that come up and how to handle them quickly and easily.

The entire mortgage process has been handled in-house at Chicago Financial Services for 25 years.  This helps the process run smoothly and feels better than standing atop a ledge on the top of the Willis Tower or being face to face with a venomous cobra.

Just search the web for reviews of Chicago Financial Services.  You will see that our home buyers prefer working with us to being in a confined space or stress of public speaking.